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The Schatzlein Outpost brings you a sampling of the leather goods, riding equipment and apparel stocked at the shop - Western and English Apparel, Tack, Boots, Hats and more! We carry many popular name brands in our Minneapolis, Minnesota store. Many, many items are not on these web pages. Stop in or call!

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Fly Spray





Leather Conditioners


Orvus Paste


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Why is Orvus Paste used to clean embroidery - isn't this normally used to clean horses and livestock, and is it safe for cleaning linens and embroidered pieces? Answer: Orvus Paste is 100% sodium lauryl sulfate and is manufactured by Proctor Gamble. It is a very gentle detergent used to clean cattle, dogs, goats, horses and other livestock. It is a pure *anionic detergent with a neutral pH and - most importantly - will not discolor dyes. It contains no dyes, perfumes, fats, oils, enzymes or brighteners and is considered a detergent rather than a soap. Because Orvus is a gentle **surfactant, it is also used to clean embroidered pieces, fine rugs, quilts and other textiles. It can be used in cold, warm or hot water, dissolves quickly and rinses away cleanly without leaving a residue. Feed stores and some pet stores sell Orvus Paste in a massive 7.5 pound jug, but you can find smaller bottles in quilting supplies stores, some embroidery shops, and larger sewing centers. I purchase Orvus in the large jugs because I use it often, and the price is pennies on the dollar compared to purchasing smaller "boutique" bottles. *Anionic is the term for an inert, negatively charged molecule. **A Surfactant is the term for a Surface Action Agent. Surfactants lower the water's surface tension making water, "wetter." This allows the detergent to spread over the surface of the fabric, penetrating the fibers and removing dirt from the surface, suspending it in the water. Suggested Reading Laundry Stain Removal Tips and Tricks Cleaning and Caring for Quilts Ten Everyday Laundry Tips Related Articles Washer Problem - Clothes Not Coming Clean and White - Submit an Entry: Your... What is HE Laundry Detergent? How to Save Money in the Laundry How Detergents Work - Chemistry of Surfactants Surface Tension - How Soap Floats Your Boat



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Himalayan Rock Salt

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Known as “white gold” those in that part of the world, Himalayan Rock Salt is the purest form of salt available on earth. Mined from ancient deposits deep in the Himalayas, these rock hard salt licks contain many of the valuable minerals your horse needs to promote a healthy balance in the body. Iron, potassium, and magnesium are particularly useful in replenishing electrolytes lost during hard work. It is these minerals that give the Himalayan Rock Salt its signature rosy color. The Centaur® Himalayan Rock Sock is 100% all natural and is literally “rock hard” so it can be left outside. Comes with a rope for easy hanging.

Feed Bags


Slobber Straps

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Vita Flex - MSM

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Lunge Line 25'

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ProBios Horse Treats

Best thing for a horse to keep his gut balance


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Probiotic Supplement for Horses Probios Horse Treats are a source of healthy bacteria in a lactose-free treat. They encourage healthy gastrointestinal function, and there is also a Hip and Joint formula to support healthy joints.

electrocharge horses

Finish Line


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Finish Line®’s Electrocharge™ is a concentrated blend of electrolytes and trace mineral salts that helps promote healthy hydration in your horse. This is a fast-acting oral electrolyte. One oral syringe contains two (2) doses of formula that replaces electrolytes in the same proportion as the horse loses in sweat. Great for 3-Day Eventing, Endurance, Racing, Barrel Racing, or any Equine Sport.

Fura Free


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Fura-Free™ is a safe sweat and salve that helps promote healthy skin, and it’s Nitrofurazone free.

Fura Free

Fura-Free™ is a safe sweat and salve that helps promote healthy skin, and it’s Nitrofurazone free. Fura-Free™ protects and soothes minor cuts, scrapes, burns and cracked heels. The polyglycol base makes it a great sweat for horses’ legs, while the natural essential oils of Tea Tree, Myrrh, Thyme, Lemon Balm and Calendula help soothe minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.  Note: Studies suggest that nitrofurazone has carcinogenic or cancer-causing properties. Especially at risk are mammary and ovarian tissues. Read the human carcinogenic warning on the jar of nitrofurazone products: They warn you not to touch the product with your bare hands, and to use gloves. Do you want this on your horse, and yourself, on a regular basis? COMMITTED TO A CURE- 10% of all Fura-Free™ profits are donated annually to the Susan G. Komen Fund for breast cancer awareness and research.