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The Schatzlein Outpost brings you a sampling of the leather goods, riding equipment and apparel stocked at the shop - Western and English Apparel, Tack, Boots, Hats and more! We carry many popular name brands in our Minneapolis, Minnesota store. Many, many items are not on these web pages. Stop in or call!

Horse EXTRAS for Riding and Supplies

Carrying many top name Brands.  Horse Care , Grooming, Tack,
Blanket Pins

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  •  4"
  • T312
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Bandage Roller


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Rain Coat






Himalayan Rock Salt

SKU# 20849

  • $9.95  4.4 #
  •  Check stock and other styles in store


Known as “white gold” those in that part of the world, Himalayan Rock Salt is the purest form of salt available on earth. Mined from ancient deposits deep in the Himalayas, these rock hard salt licks contain many of the valuable minerals your horse needs to promote a healthy balance in the body. Iron, potassium, and magnesium are particularly useful in replenishing electrolytes lost during hard work. It is these minerals that give the Himalayan Rock Salt its signature rosy color. The Centaur® Himalayan Rock Sock is 100% all natural and is literally “rock hard” so it can be left outside. Comes with a rope for easy hanging.

Feed Bags


Finish Line

SKU# 14667

  • Air Power
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Clear Plastic Saddle Cover

SKU# 26074

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Shoo Fly Tassle

SKU# 25587

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Number Set 3 digit


And 4 Set 31781

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  • 8.95
Lunge Line 25 Ft

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  • Cotton Branded


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