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Sometimes the rider wasn’t the only one to get saddle sores!

This is where it all began back in 1907…caring for the needs of the horse and the rider. Whether your gear needs mending or you’re looking for a new saddle, or custom leather riggings…we understand the good fit between horse, saddle, tack and rider. In addition to saddlery, our leather shop produces leather goods for other uses including custom-made knee pads and leather moving straps. At Schatzlein, we’ve created our own personal touch that brings a whole new dimension to saddlery and leather service. A dedicated young man started a tradition more than 100 years ago and it is still going strong today.

The Schatzlein tradition of fine quality and craftsmanship began before the turn of the century when Emil Schatzlein began his apprenticeship in the saddle and harness business at the age of 14. (In this time in Germany most pupils left school after 8 years at 14 years and started their apprenticeship straight away… in general for three years. this is the reason why Emil could emigrate to the States at nearly 17 years and with apprenticeship diploma.)

Emil Schatzlein - Mill Valley California, leather repairIn 1902 he opened his first shop in Mill Valley, California.

Emil spent five years in Mill Valley and in 1907 moved to Minneapolis where he opened the first Schatzlein Saddle Shop at 609 West Lake Street. Business grew and so did the store.


Schatzlein Saddle Shop

By 1920 the saddle and harness business was in full bloom.


Western Tack ShopIn 1927 Emil photographed his son Ed with a miniature hand-made horse, saddle and bridle. The picture has been the trademark of Schatzlein Saddle Shop ever since.


Schatzlein English Riding SaddleIn 1928 Emil manufactured his first English riding saddles and harnesses in the state of Minnesota. Schatzlein’s has maintained a highly successful English department ever since.


Medcalf PhotoIn 1936 the store moved to 421 West Lake Street next door to the current location. In the early World War II days the store prospered. Emil was depicted by the famous artist Medcalf as a specialized craftsman in a 1955 Brown and Bigelow calendar distributed throughout the United States.




In 1958 after a long apprenticeship, Emil’s son Jerry purchased the business. 1968 saw the store move to its present location, 413 West Lake Street and with it the demands of customers to expand to the English and Western wear field. Jerry and Millie Schatzlein met these demands. Schatzlein Saddle Shop became the complete family English and Western store it is today, still being run by the Schatzlein family’s third generation ensuring personalized service.


Six family members work in store today. (Linda, Peggy, Janet, Gary, Paul, Joan. ) Gary Schatzlein is the store’s third generation leather craftsman.

Schatzlein Horse
Display of Horse now in the front window of store, on Lake Street
Emil Schatzlein
Emil Schatzlein
Jerry Schatzlein
Jerry Schatzlein
Millie Schatzlein
Millie Schatzlein
Schatzlein Saddle Shop
Emil Schatzlein
Emil Schatzlein
Jerry and Gary
Jerry Schatzlein and Gary Schatzlein

Ed SchatzleinEd Schatzlein – the boy on Store Logo


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Peggy, Paul, Gary, Janet, Joan, Linda
Third Generation of Schatzlein’s  2007

1900’s of Horses on Lake Street – Minneapolis MN Fine Art Painting Allagorical Art / Jason Najarak 2015

As seen on MS NBC Nov 8th ,

Schatzlein Old Picture



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